About Mariposas Rebeldes




Mariposas Rebeldes’ mission is to make community gardening, mutual aid, cultural and political education, and food sovereignty/autonomy more accessible to its members and community, particularly for QTIPOC (queer trans and intersex people of color) on Muscogee (Creek) land, also known as Atlanta.



Our vision is to acquire land on Muscogee (Creek) territory—in what is now known as Atlanta—to provide a space where our members can grow food, have housing stability, and create a space for other QTPOC (centering Black and Indigenous folks) to share resources

and community.



Our Story


Mariposas Rebeldes grew out of the backyard of one if its co-founders, Israel Tordoya. It began as a small but humble backyard garden. The garden quickly grew into a community that hosted everything from trash clean up days to mushroom foraging workshops. Our members, all identifying as Latinx and queer, were soon put on to the fact that many members of the queer Latinx community do not have access to food autonomy or have a sustainable

network of mutual aid. 

While we had little farming experience, we decided that, as Latinx and Indigenous people who all migrated from our original lands, restoring our relationship with the land was necessary. So, in the middle of a global pandemic and in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Edgewood in Atlanta, Israel and the other Mariposas started to grow things that they would see in their places of origin: Jalapenos, Calendula (Mexican sunflower), Amaranth (Inca weed). We also grew crops that have been grown by Native people for centuries: corn, squash, and beans, or the three sisters, was a pre-colonial Mesoamerican companion planting technique that has been practiced by the Muscogee (Creek) and Cherokee since long before the arrival of European settlers and the forced migration of indigenous peoples. 

By mid-July, the front yard of Israel’s “BLM” graffitied house was crawling with Pumpkin vines and purple corn from Oaxaca. The members would meet in their backyard and host workshops on everything from teaching folks how to forage for edible mushrooms to making immunity tonic’s from commonly found household items such as apple cider vinegar and garlic.


Unfortunately, the violent history of Black and brown folks being displaced from their lands and homes continued, and on July 25th of 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, we were given 2 weeks to vacate the property. Now, both Israel and Mariposas Rebeldes are without a home and  the calendula, mazorca (corn), and zapallo (squash) continued to grow on this small plot of stolen Mvskoke (Muscogee) land.


Mariposas currently has a capital campaign in order to acquire land so that we can continue to create, grow, and foster a QTPOC centered community garden space. We have recently secured a 25K matching grant, so all donations are doubled. Mariposas continues to foster community through virtual events, drag shows, corn fermentation workshops, and merch campaigns.


Please donate below if you'd like to help us continue fostering community, education, and food autonomy.

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The birthplace of Mariposas Rebeldes